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What you need to start powder coating at home

Powder coating is an alternative to regular painting and is more durable and lasting. It is essentially a multi-step finishing process. The item, which is usually metal, is first cleaned and prepared for receiving the coating. Following this, it is coated with a fine powder. The final step is curing the powder in the oven. It allows the powder to melt onto the metal part. Through this process different items can be given a new birth and identity by their owners.

What do I need to start powder coating?

You need to consider the three stages of powder coating in order to assess what you need for powder coating at home.

The first is the pre-treatment phase where the item is cleaned. The second is the application stage where the item is applied with powder, and the third is the curing stage.

01. Pretreatment equipment

For the pre treatment stage you need to be able to ensure your item is clean. Any oil, dust, debris or oil paint will affect the final results. During the pretreatment phase you need:

  • Detergent and chemical cleaner to clean the part
  • Hot water or steam to clean the item
  • Blasting gun to clean debris off the item

02. Application equipment

Powder coating application is in most cases done with a special Powder Spray Gun. In order for powder coating to work effectively, the powder must be charged. This can only be achieved by a specific gun that is designed for the purpose. The gun works by allowing compressed air to shift the powder through the gun. The powder is blown out of the gun and it envelopes and sticks to the item being powder coated. To powdercoat successfully you therefore need:

  • Powder coating gun
  • A safe place to use your powder coating gun such as a purpose built booth
  • A well lit area to work in
  • Reclamation system to catch and reuse any overspray

03. Curing equipment

The final step in successfully powder coating is to place it inside a specially designed oven. These usually operate between 325° and 450° F. The coated products are exposed to the heated air for a set period of time and then should be allowed to cool before being handled. The curing stage needs the following items:

  • A curing oven
  • A safe place to cool


It is possible to powder coat professionally right at home. With a few basic equipment pieces and a safe and effective place, you can start powder coating. Powder coating at home can be an adventure since you can personalise old possessions and give them a new lease of life. At a time when people are spending more time at home, it is a great outlet for your creativity. Within a few hours, you can enjoy newly finished home items that are not possible to find elsewhere.

At Just Powdercoating we offer high quality and professional tools and powder in all colours. We also offer bespoke powder coating services to all our customers. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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