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Your driveway is one of the first parts of your property that is seen by onlookers. Always visible, it is essential that it is neat, clean and well-maintained in order to make an excellent first impression. This visibility is particularly true for commercial properties and businesses where it is a point of entry for your clients

Concrete is a popular material for driveways, especially exposed aggregate. As a material, concrete is durable, sturdy and usually doesn't require much maintenance.

Further to this, for large areas, concrete is an excellent material for surfaces due to its longevity and brilliant street appeal, which is why concrete driveways is a favoured choice for Melbourne driveways. Even though concrete can be dull in appearance, it can be coloured, artistically designed or you can have exposed aggregate concreting as a driveway concrete option to make it into an attractive surface.

When renovating or developing your outdoor spaces, JC Paving is your go-to reliable concrete driveway concreting contractors. Contact our team today to talk about how we can help you with your new concrete driveway, or with the repair, restoration or resurfacing of older driveways. Our team offers excellent customer service to give you the best advice for all your driveway concrete questions with customer satisfaction guaranteed. With our high-quality concrete slab, our contractors will ensure you have the perfect foundation and can assist with various types of driveways, including exposed aggregate concrete driveways.

Here is a summary of our services, and some of our most frequently asked questions regarding driveway paving.

Why is having a high-quality driveway important?

Having a stylish and durable driveway that can take the pressures of cars and skid marks on it is essential for any home, or property these days. Not only does it reflect the look of your house, but it also affects the market value of your property. If you opt for the choice of exposed aggregate as a driveway surface, you're ensuring uniqueness to your property because no two pieces of the surface will ever look the same. If you're unsure, which driveway surface is the best for your Melbourne property, then contact our highly knowledgable and friendly team today.

What can JC Paving do for you?

From designing, creating to installing and finishing your driveway pavement, JC Paving can handle all driveway paving projects. Right from the start, we laid out a plan that fits in with your wishes, budget and timeline and then built from there. Throughout the whole process, you will receive an enjoyable experience while witnessing the creation of your driveway pavement project.

Our concrete slab contractors can help you with any of the following services:

  • Aggregate concrete driveway
  • Coloured concrete driveways
  • Concrete driveway repairs
  • Concrete driveway restoration
  • Concrete driveway resurfacing
  • Exposed aggregate concrete driveway
  • Stamped concrete driveways

We pay close attention to detail and are always happy to discuss options and any concreting processes in-depth with our clients. We value transparency in our consultation sessions which are included as part of all our jobs. Get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions regarding your upcoming retaining wall project.

The level of time spent on concreting projects as well as the costs will vary with every project we undertake. We like to keep our clients informed and provide free quotations on all our superior services. Give us a call or fill out our quick online form to receive your free quote today.

Our Exposed Aggregate Concrete Pavers Are Ideal For Driveways

We offer a wide range of exposed aggregate paving options, available in a variety of surface finished, textures, and colours. Our exposed aggregate concrete pavers can be manufactured specifically to your design specification, to ensure your satisfaction with your finished driveway

Our exposed aggregate concrete pavers are also non slip because of their texture. Our resurfacing has been designed to create a decorative finish to any of your new or existing concrete surfaces in your driveway. For driveways, in particular, laying pavers is a smooth and excellent and robust option for your home. Our concrete pavers come in the standard colour as well as a wide variety of other colours to cover any exposed aggregate paving issue.

Why are exposed aggregate driveways a popular choice in Melbourne?

Exposed aggregate is an excellent surface for many areas around the home, pool areas, and especially driveways. Exposed aggregate is one of the lowest maintenance and attractive finishes for Melbourne driveways. Standard concrete gets smoothed off but with exposed aggregate the process ads stones and pebble to the mix to give it that beautiful look and is sure an added feature to any home improvement. With exposed aggregate driveways you'll find it creates grip and is the best quality surface for Melbourne driveways.

Further to the above, exposed aggregate is a popular choice for Melbourne driveways because it's incredibly durable, completely unaffected by weather and holds the strongest of vehicles which may drive, park or work on the concrete surface. Exposed aggregate is an attractive material and will look entirely unique to your Melbourne home because its a material which isn't mass-produced which means each job will always look different. No two Melbourne driveways, patios or pool area surfaces will look the same.

What does JC Paving driveway paving services entitle you to?

The whole concrete driveway paving process! That is our promise.

At JC Paving, we are there with our clients from the very start of the project (such as site preparation, designing the layout and so forth), to the complete finish of the project (including cleaning up rubbish and leaving your property looking stunning). Which means we're transparent and remain with you throughout our entire concrete work. Our aim has always been to offer our clients comfort and reassurances while we complete their project.

Can I Get Coloured Concrete Floors?

Who said concrete always had to be in grayscale? Coloured concrete floors have become quite popular, as they are able to be intertwined with the techniques of decorating and design. Whether you'd like your concrete driveway to be a particular shade of colour, a residential client looking to revamp your garage floor design, or perhaps a commercial client looking to make a bold statement, coloured concrete floors are a creative option for everyone.

At JC Paving, we give you the option of coloured concrete in the shade of your choice, ensuring you will find one that will work best in your space. Our team of experts will assist you with everything from the selection process to the completion of the coloured concrete paving project. We promise an excellent experience when you hire us as we work hard to get you the best outcome for your Melbourne residence.

Partner With Our Team of Experts

We are a family-owned and operated business in Melbourne with over two generations of industry knowledge and experience. When you hire JC Paving to complete your concrete work to help source the materials and provide the installation of your concrete driveways, you can be assured that you will also receive all of the following benefits:

  • Effective and precise driveway paving, repair, restoration or resurfacing
  • Straightforward and dependable quotes
  • Hardworking and trusting team by your side
  • Efficient artistry: we pay close attention to detail with all of our work
  • Quality work
  • The reliability that comes with 20 years experience
  • Affordable prices for all project types: domestic and commercial
  • Reliable and on-time project completion

We pay close attention to detail, all work and are always happy to discuss options and any concreting processes in-depth with our clients. We value transparency in our consultation sessions which are included as part of all our jobs. Get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions regarding your upcoming retaining wall project. We guarantee quality assistance from our experienced office staff and excellent service when you contact our help desk for support, information or quotes. With years in the industry, our concrete work is quality, and we ensure an excellent finish in your Melbourne home.

What makes concrete a durable material?

Concrete is a material that gets made from different types of stone aggregate (either rock, sand or gravel) and held together by water and binder, which is the cement part of the concrete mixture. There are various types of combinations, and usually, for driveways, a mix of aggregate from gravel to sand-sized materials get used for a smoother finish.

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